10 ways to have fun at meetings — Part 2

  1. Wear special pants with a vinyl liner full of Jell-O. Look at your colleagues faces when you move.
  2. Practice Tourette ventriloquism when a colleague is speaking.
  3. Insert a barely noticeable, very faded erotic background on some of the Powerpoint slides of the presenter.
  4. Use a realistic gel soft hand instead of your real hand (hidden in your long coat sleeve) when shaking hand before the meeting.
  5. Quote unknown German philosophers on completely non-related topics.
  6. Wear ridiculously tight dress pants and stuff the front of your underwear with a 3 pairs of socks. Watch if more guys than girls look at your crotch.
  7. Chant your comments and suggestions accompanied by a tambourine.
  8. Bring 8 starving homeless guys wearing a tie on top of their regular clothes, and watch the reaction of the business people as your guests dive for the free snacks.
  9. Absentmindedly flash a picture of your boss’ wife in your wallet as you reach for something else. Make sure 1 or 2 people see it. See how long until the info reaches your boss.
  10. Speak only in fake acronyms. Smile at people in a condescending way if they ask you questions about those acronyms.