Intricacies of the Intercessory Prayer, part 2

Since most Christians must be praying for general health, wealth and happiness of themselves and the world around them, we have to find out why it doesn’t work as planned. Since it is Jesus himself that is said to have uttered the words “ask and you shall receive” without specifying conditions, there must be something wrong with the way people are praying.

  1. Is there a time lag between a particular request and the divine answer or action? 20,000 years is nothing for an all powerful deity, but not so useful for us mere humans.
  2. What is the equation defining the power of multiple prayers aimed at the same target?
  3. Is a prayer stronger if all prayees are in the same room holding hands? If so, what is the ratio of diminishing rate per kilometer if the prayees are apart?
  4. Is a group of people is set to pray for the same thing, but some of them are praying for different things, do the effect of the group diminished or cancel itself?
  5. Are there thing you can pray for that cost more prayers, like you can pray once to get a deadline extension on a report but 20 times to cure someone from leprosy?
  6. What is the result correlation between a prayee that really really mean it, to someone who sort of means it, to someone else who doesn’t really mean it at all?
  7. What happens when 2 people pray for opposite things, like going on a trip and staying home?
  8. Is there a flash of light or a sound when 2 prayers cancel each other?
  9. Are the exact tone, number of syllables used, color of clothes wore during the prayer and background noise matter?
  10. Is you pray out loud for something, but think about something different, which one of those 2 request will be granted?
  11. Do you get better at praying if you pray often? If so, does a beginner prayee have any chance at all to see his or her wish granted?
  12. Is there a maximum number of whishes per person? If so, does the scale of the wish affect the maximum number of prayers allowed in a lifetime?
  13. Is there a way to check our prayer status, with exact numbers for pending, delayed, rejected and fulfilled prayers?
  14. Are there adverse effects when you pray in a clumsy, non-specific way (like being changed into a fish when you ask for a drink)? Is it like a legal contract, where the exact language really matters or the other party can take advantage of you?
  15. Is there a limit to what wishes can be granted? Can you get something that is physically or logically impossible? What about getting something that will alter the space-time continuum or fold space into a swan?