Questions for the OpenThinker — part 1

1) Would you notice if the left and right side of your body would have been surgically switched (without side-effects of scars)?

2) How would you react if you learn that you really know nothing about your life from your birth to 10 years old because all the “memories” you have are false-memories from doctored pictures, movies and audio tracks.

3) What would do if you had the ability to travel in time only 3 times. What would you witness or change?

4) What is your threshold of “label reversal”? What would you have to learn about someone that would invert the label you placed on that person?
Example1: you know a really good person — smart, charitable, funny, kind, generous — but you then learn that the person is an organ harvester.
Example2: you read that someone is a serial killer. You then learn that the same person devoted his life to helping people in homeless shelters.

PS: An OpenThinker is someone who doesn’t take reality for granted and like to explore the underlying structure of it.