You think you’re bad?

Synaptic Interfaced (Though-controlled) toys and interface are already being developed in lab in 2007. With more interest, research and funding, you’ll see thought visual association in a few years, resulting in a graphic representation of your thoughts.

At first, it will be coarse — the castle you think about will be represented by a generic castle image.

Later, the image will represent your thoughts in a more detailed way, including shapes, colours, motion, camera angles and transitions.

The “MindReaders” we had in the past were heavy headsets, with primitive electrodes that required gel to interface. Today, NeuroSky Inc. developed a dry electrode much smaller headset. In the future, no headset will be required as remote readers will be developed.

Applications for MindReading will emerge. Military and marketing will be the most funded, although medical applications with Autism, Coma, and paraplegic patients will also exist.

Military applications will be able to sense the intentions of the enemy. Even without a working long distance remote MindReader network, the first versions will use local readers based in small drones (flyers, crawlers, swimmers, etc) capable of accessing exact location where a suspect is. Coupled with the merged NSA, FBI and CIA databases, these MindReading applications will put the thoughts in context of the information known.

One application that will exist but be frown upon is the MindTapping (listening, flagging and cross-referencing of thoughts) of civilians by government agencies in the name of homeland security. Random thought sweeps will be executed and will serve as basis for further investigations.

Marketing applications will also be very popular. Stores will use MindReaders to rearrange their catalogue based on the clients moods, preference and shopping.

  1. Prices will be adjusted by dishonest merchants based on the urgency of your need (you tried 7 stores for that wedding dress and the store you are in is the last one you can visit before the wedding).
  2. Smart fabric and Mindreaders will present you only the colours, styles and prints you like.
  3. MindReaders and your car navigation system will point you washrooms and restaurants based on your needs.
  4. Thoughts transcripts, images and movies will be archives Google-Thoughts will be the first major company to harvest that new information source.

Legal issues about privacy will arise but the potential for military and marketing will outweigh them with powerful lobbying efforts.

The future is thoughtfully friendly!