You’re such an angel!

What image comes to mind when you think of an angel? You probably think of a benevolent winged pure being that is there to help people.

Unfortunately, this is not how the Bible describes them.

Angels are supernatural mercenaries with swords that kill humans.

According to the Bible itself:


  • There are at least 100 million angels
  • Angels don’t seem to have wings, only Cherubim do (they can carry people on their backs while flying)
  • They have feet
  • They have arms and can pull people
  • They can carry a staff in their hands
  • They can speak in a way humans understand, both in frequencies, volume and language
  • They eat food
  • They can be handsome
  • They can shout for joy
  • They can play the trumpet
  • They can create hail and fire mixed with blood
  • They carry a sword and use it to kill people
  • They can carry a sharp sickle (curved blade with a handle)
  • They can roll back stones
  • They sometimes appear as flames
  • They can call people from Heaven
  • They can measure walls
  • They sometimes speak to people in dreams
  • They can sit down under a tree
  • They can appear to people, being previously invisible
  • They have a relatively pleasing appearance, enough for a group of men to want to have sex with them


  • They are sometimes messengers
  • They are used as guards
  • They can lead armies
  • They can destroy cities, such as Jerusalem and Gomorra, as well as countries
  • They can kill people (185,000 in one night)
  • They can make dead bodies disappear
  • They can walk and guide people
  • They can attend people
  • They, along with Jesus, ignore certain things only God knows
  • They can make people blind
  • They can take sins away
  • They will come and separate the wicked from the righteous
  • They can neither marry nor be given in marriage
  • 12 legions of them can be called by Jesus
  • They have the power to increase the descendants of humans (make them fertile if they are not, or more fertile if they are)
  • They can displace entire populations
  • They know Satan and can travel with him
  • They can curse people
  • They can hold back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree

Next time think twice before you tell your kids he or she is being such an angel.