12 Truths You Can Count On

  1. Everybody is created equal.
  2. TV shows are not mere lures for advertisers.
  3. You can have an amazing lean sculpted body by using a machine 3 minutes/day for a week.
  4. Politics is never about secretive schemes for a few to gain money or power.
  5. If it’s printed; it must be true.
  6. All events reported on mass media happened as they are telling you.
  7. The camera doesn’t lie.
  8. Anybody can gain a good grasp of complex issues by watching the TV news.
  9. Conflicts are always about non-trivual issues and always the last resort.
  10. People who march in the street always fully understand what the issue is.
  11. We are not pawns of religion, the government or large corporations.
  12. You have a good grasp on reality. Really.