10 ways to have fun at meetings

  1. Paint your face and hands a slight lime green color. Put a diffuse black light in your collar and cuffs, as to produce a ghostly effect.
  2. Talk only in Morse code.
  3. Include tons of biblical references when you talk, quote prophets and mention something about God’s wrath if the others don’t agree with your ideas.
  4. Before the meeting, hide speakers. Then, during the meeting, play whispered rude comments about people attending and other coworkers.
  5. Talk in an unusually high-pitched voice, laugh too loud and sound like a sheep while doing so.
  6. Bring far too many objects at the table and set them up in front of you. Include pictures of your family, several coffee cups, 3 laptops, tons of wires, 11 stress balls, decorative cartoon figurines, and a few hats.
  7. Place a picture frame of your dog in front of you and pretend to be on the verge of crying the whole meeting.
  8. Hire 5 or 6 homeless people, dress them in a suits and sit them among the executives. Agree with what they say with enthusiasm.
  9. Every time someone is talking, roll your eyes, make a snorting sound, shake your head and place your forehead in your palms.
  10. Loudly compliment people on the wrong things: “Wow Kathy, I love how tight your skirt is! It really shows your ass!”, “Goddamn it Albert, I wish I’d be as sweaty as you!”.