About Clowns

What is the appropriate behavior for a clown?

  1. How much groping can he get away with?
  2. Is a clown on LSD funnier than a clown on crack?
  3. Can he make lewd comments to the female audience?
  4. Can he make sexual objects with balloons?
  5. Can he ramble to kids for 20 minutes on US foreign policies in Iraq?
  6. Are extremely crude racist jokes ok if said by his puppet?
  7. Can 2 clowns fake explicit acts on stage?
  8. Can he swear if he adds “arooni” at the end of the swear word?

What is the appropriate dress code for a clown?

  1. Are dangling extremities ok to show if painted?
  2. How much blood is too much on a clown’s face?
  3. Can he carry a shotgun?
  4. Can he get clown makeup tattooed on his face to save time?
  5. Can he wear crotchless pants?