Can of Whoop-Ass

  1. Where do you buy it?
  2. Is there a maximum number of can one can possess without being illegal?
  3. Can you store it at room temperature or does it need to be refrigerated?
  4. Does the product have an expiry date?
  5. What happens if you open a can of expired Whoop-Ass? Is it like being beaten up by a 95 year old?
  6. What are the active ingredients?
  7. Can you be allergic or addicted to Whoop-Ass?
  8. Are the generic brands as strong as the Whoop-Ass brand?
  9. Is it stronger if you shake it before opening it?
  10. If you partially open it, does some of the whoop-ass get out, making it less potent?
  11. Do you take any special precautions once you open it?
  12. Does it come with clear instructions?
  13. Does it come in different size?
  14. Does it come in different flavors, like Kung Fu Whoop-Ass, Old School Whoop-Ass, or Grandma’s Xtreme Whoop-Ass?
  15. Do you have to wear protective gear when you open a can of Whoop-Ass?