Interactive Marketing Ideas

1) Embed in cellphones, PDAs, BlackBerries, MP3 players, and other wearables to emit a frequency that will activate a specific region of the brain that will stimulate the appetite for a brown, bubbly, sugar-loaded acidic cold beverage, or to drive in a manly army-like uncomfortable but aggressive looking vehicle.

2) Develop free clothing items like coats, pants, tshirt, capes and hats that have the ability to connect to a main ad server and display moving ads right on it. (same principle as the ad-sponsored software we have now). All homeless people be wearing warm clothes but will be transformed into walking billboards. Kids will love that fashion too. You can have a scene of a new movie or an cool ad displayed on you clothes…

3) Engineered food that taps into the memory cells to stimulate purchases of products based on your own past (cinnamon buns of your grandmother, grey paste from the highschool cafeteria, etc.)

4) Develop cross promotion packages: the guy on the Crest toothpaste is wearing a visible Timex watch while brushing. He’s also smelling like CK1 perfume on the package. mmm see… alot to possibilities if you want to control people even more… Imagine designing, testing and marketing those products!

5) Dynamic E-Ink packages that are linked to a CrossLinked Marketing Database that call your name when you walk by, suggest a use based on your lifestyle, reminds you of the mess that happened when your used a competitor’s brand…

The future WILL be friendly! 😉