Let’s talk Exoskeletons

While waiting for the full Exoskeletons that will allow us to run and leap like a gazelle, lift as much as an elephant and attach a multitude of add-ons like a chainsaw, a mining drill of a bazooka to our arms. let’s think about a more accessible version.

Heavyduty Pogo Sticks fastened with large straps of Velcro to each legs would allow us to jump higher and, with proper training, leap like a gazelle.

You lay down on your back, tie a large elastic band to both Pogo Sticks and you have a powerful slighshot-grenade launcher that doesn’t need costly propulsion system.

A tear-resistant inflatable bubble covering the whole suit would allow the fighter to bounce down a hill faster than a car or knock down ennemies like a bowling ball.

So with part available in hardware and toy stores, you can get an useful entry-level Exoskeleton. Combine that with a GPS, NightVision Goggles, and a SuperSoaker full of Citric Acid and you’re good to go.