Do-it Yourself BrainSurgery Kit

Ever wanted to have a real excuse not to go to work? Ever wished you could make hillarious twitchy faces?

Now you can! With our new and improved Do-it Yourself BrainSurgery Kit, you can tap (literally) into the obscure zones of your brain. With a few holes and pokes, you can increase your memory, speak alot faster, dance graciously or spend the next 2 years in a delightful and carefree vegetative state. Great for the gambling type!

Comes with a 15 minute video, clamps, a small saw, a cranial hammer, 5 metal punches with our logo (to mark the zones you edited), a bib (you’ll thank us later for that one) as well as an admission form for our new top-of-the-line phychiatric ward.

You’ll never have so much fun with power tool!