Lesser-known but Important Inventors

Jason the Jargonaute
Created jargon by leveraging a multi-tier paradigm win-win non-verbal architecture.

Ming Sui Lu
Created the shy giggle in 4500 BC. She become rich after collecting royalties from her invention over the rest of her life.

Alexander Josephus Ebrahim Del Continuum il Tenaranik III
Created the first acronym in 1839.

Developed the angry look called “evil eye” in 6.9 million BC after his friend Baarr hit him on the head with a stone.

Gontran Monparnasse
Creator of the unibrow. He patented his creation and become millionaire when it became trendy in the 1920s.

Mary Wollworthe
Invented the fluffy clouds in 1756 using a steam machine, an ice box and a fan.

John Whyte
Invented the atom in 1926. 12 years later, he went on to invent gravity, daylight and magnetism. He is often credited to have created the first shadow.