Overheard from the Bedroom

  1. Wait, who’s that?
  2. I told you it wouldn’t fit in there!
  3. Did you keep the instructions?
  4. Are you sure it’s dead?
  5. Will the owner look for it?
  6. It’ll wake the neighbors up for sure!
  7. Stop, there is an oil leak!
  8. We need a bigger tarp!
  9. It looks dangerous!
  10. Stop, it’s stuck!
  11. You didn’t know about the camera in the mirror?
  12. Turn to the left and smile!
  13. What the *&?&# is that?
  14. Stop crying, I’ll buy you a new one…
  15. Won’t it overflow?
  16. I never noticed you had 3!
  17. It just won’t stretch that far!
  18. Are you sure it’s legal?
  19. I’m missing a bolt.
  20. Wow, I didn’t know it could explode!