PromoClouds® — Cloud Marketing

The idea is to create large white balloon not for transportation or data gathering purpose, but solely for brand exposure. It takes skywriting to the next level.

The gigantic white balloon would be in the shape of a simple logo, an arrow pointing to a service or an image representing a company in a certain context. Ballast would keep the bottom of the PromoClouds® pointing downward. Several PromoClouds® could be attached together to form a string of floating objects, such as a short tagline or a multipart logo.

The basic, less disruptive Promoclouds® would be white, to mimic a natural cloud. The premium version would be bioluminescent, as to be seen day and night. It would float below the natural cloud coverage, as to be visible even by a overcast day.

The Promoclouds® could be tethered to promote a local event or business or free-floating for global exposure.