They Will Really Know You

Two things are absolutely sure in the future: Marketers will find more intrusive ways to pry into your innermost secrets to sell you things you are willing to pay for and Hackers will always try and succeed at breaking into secure systems.

When you combine the 2, you have some intrusive but mighty powerful ways to reach potential customers.

Here are some examples of the conversion of marketing and hacking:

 GPS navigation Spying
With car onboard navigation system becoming more prevalent, GPS hacking will start to be used not only passively as an absence alert and a presence mapping used by criminals, but also actively as GSP hijacking to display only certain restaurants, gas stations and hotels that are part of a particular affiliate network.

Personal Agent
Right now, we have software to keep track of our busy schedules. In a near future, we’ll rely on software to book appointments, change those appointments in relation to the weather, other appointments, traffic delays, etc. Suggestions of routes or destinations will be made in relation to an affiliate network by default. Marketers/Hackers will know your exact schedule, preference of movies, books you order, music your agent plays — to have an exact log of your habits. They will know when to offer you certain products based on your routine. Criminals/Hackers will be able to peer into your schedule and move your appointments for you to leave the house for longer, leaving them plenty of time to enjoy your unattended residence.

Existing Security Network
Marketers/Hackers will hack into the street camera, store security cameras, red light cameras, ATM cameras and use face recognition software and track your every move, even when you don’t carry your GPS-embedded cell phone or computer with you. They will know your patterns, your friends, associates and affairs. They will use that data to profile you in extreme details.

Drive-by Digital Communication Hijacking
You drive by a store or a restaurant, and you hear an ad or subtle sounds that influence you into wanting what they sell. It could be an interstitial ad, a sound relating to what they sell or helping you bring back a memory relating to a similar need, or an intimately sounding soft order.

RFID Chip Tracking
Merchandise inventory is done remotely and digitally with RFID chips (Radio Frequency Identification). Passports in many countries are also identified with a RFID chip. In the near future, you can expect more physical objects beings tagged and tracked by a RFID system. Marketers/Hackers will know what you buy, from what store, how long you keep it in your house and where you put it by an overlay of your house, based on the floor plan they downloaded from the city building permit office they hacked into.

Your future life
You’ll be able to buy, for a substantial amount of money, an anti-hacking wireless shield for your person, your car, or your house. That shield will protect you from low-end hacking, until its security is breached. You’ll pay premium dollars to go to a week-end zero-stimulation resorts, where no ads will be presented to you. In your daily life, Marketers/Hackers will know everything about you, including your current location and who you are with.

Don’t worry. The future will appear friendly.