Scientific Explanation of Astrology

Astrology rests on the principle of cosmic rays-induced DNA mutation.

The planetary gravitational field, along with the magnetic field, are combining their effect to reflect cosmic and gamma rays in a specific angle depending on the orbital path at the time of birth.

For example, if Jupiter is Virgo, that particular planetary/constellation alignment deflects and amplifies the amount of radiation received by humans chromosome during their most vulnerable stage — birth. Human beings being born between August 23 and September 22 are subject to the influence of a specific amount of radiation on their DNA.

The particular amount of cosmic and gamma rays exercises more control over adjacent proteins and rizomes in the peptide chain of the person’s DNA. The threshold of influence can be divided in 12 equal sectors of peptide modifification.

This gets translated by a person being more analytical, meticulous, intelligent, responsible, reliable and perfectionistic, even more, refined, polite and hygienic.

The same principle can be applied to every astrological sign, based on precise angular calculation and quantification of cosmic and gamma rays.