So many forces…

You think your initial physical traits and your behavioral patterns come from genetics and your environments. You think you can use free will to steer your life? Wrong!

So many forces are acting on your life without your control.  You are simply a bobbing pawn in an ocean of external forces.

The following forces have an influence on your character, your level of luck, your whole structure as a human being as well as any event that happens or doesn’t happen to you:

  • the day and year you were born
  • the planets and constellations alignment at the time
  • the combined daily horoscope from all newspaper and websites
  • the chain letter email you do or don’t forward
  • any curse or blessings people give you. Those include voodoo dolls, charms, spells, incantations and potions.
  • the evil eye you receive
  • an ladder you step under, any black cats you cross, anything with the number 13, any mirrors you break, any salt you pour over your shoulder to counter an evil force
  • the will and plan of any gods past or present
  • whether you touch wood or not when you notice you are lucky
  • any good luck charm you wear
  • the energy in a particular location
  • the will of any invisible creature, such as ghost, angel, fairy, etc.
  • the telluric currents (underground low-level electrical grid) that happen to cross your house, mostly your bed
  • any actions you did or habit you had in one of your numerous past lives

Do you think that not believing in those eternal forces is enough to cut the invisible ties and make you master of your destiny?