Today’s To Do List, Part 1

  1. Change the basic assumptions of the universe.
  2. Triangulate my cereal bowl using its own shadow.
  3. Transmutate Silly Putty into lemon Jell-O.
  4. Create, test and prove a whimsical version of the String Theory called the SillyString Theory.
  5. Lunaform the Earth and Terraform the Moon. Move everybody to the new moon in their sleep and check if anyone notice the switch.
  6. Find a cure to OverSeriousness by splicing Jeans into Daisy Dukes.
  7. Write a Unified Theory Equation that would prove the existence of Nessie.
  8. Convert myself to silicate-based lifeform.
  9. Change the value if Pi from 2.1416 to to 2.1532. Observe the difference and giggle.
  10. Change the structure of the Milky Way to have Earth at the center.