What if…

What if religious people would do their jobs using the same magical version of reality they believe in their spiritual life?

  • An accountant would put all the invoices in a magic box, say a short prayer and expect the annual report to appear on his boss’ desk by 9am.
  • All religious doctors would try to exorcise the cancer out of the patient.
  • All believers would stop taking drugs and go to hospitals because they prayed.
  • A civil engineer wouldn’t have to calculate the charges for a bridge because angels will help support the cars to cross the river.
  • A farmer would send his donkey to the vet because its not talking. (see Balaam story in Numbers 22:1-35)
  • The insurance adjuster would believe you when you tell him your house was destroyed by fiery snakes.
  • A clerk could not go to work because some customers have the evil eye.
  • The Pope would stop using a bullet-proof Popemobile and rely on divine protection only.