Premium Exotic Destinations

Looking for a very quiet area?
Try the Sea of tranquility, Moon

  • Huge backyard
  • Closest neighbors are 384,403 km (238,857 miles) away
  • No atmosphere also means no sound — totally quiet and restful
  • No atmosphere also means no wind, no storms, and no air pollution!
  • Pristine night sky
  • No traffic
  • Low gravity makes it great place for golfing

Looking for the best windsurfing destination?
The constant winds on Neptune blow at more than 2000 km/h (1200 miles/hour)

Looking for a great tanning destination?
Look no further than our Mercury resort, with temperature ranging from a balmy 427°C (800°F) to a refreshing -184°C (-300°F) to cool you off.

Tired of summer?
Visit our winter resort on Pluto, where the average temperature is -236°C (-393°F).
As a bonus, a 200 lbs person will only weigh 16 lbs on Pluto!