What kind of snob are you?

We often think of elitism as relating only to knowledge or money. This “us vs them” superiority complex can be found in several areas:

  • Money Snob: people with less money just didn’t work hard enough.
  • Nationalist: your country is better then other countries.
  • Racist: your race is the superior one. The others races just don’t seem to get it.
  • Sexist: the gender you belong to is superior. Period.
  • Music Snob: your musical tastes place you into a higher league. You despise what is popular or playing on the radio.
  • Movie Snob: The blockbusters are not for you. Your acute sense of aesthetics make you prefer a black and white Swedish documentary about a midlife crisis over the latest Hollywood popular hit. You look down on people who like action movies.
  • Technology Snob: your choices of technology define you as superior to the mass (your computer’s operating system, your speakers’ brand, etc). You are willing to pay 4 times more for a specific brand, even if people tell you they are all made from the same parts.
  • Clothes/accessories Snob: This Gucci purse or that Armani suit sets you apart from the crowd of the Wal-Mart slobs.
  • Car Snob: Your BMW or Audi is not JUST a transportation device; it defines you as a person.
  • Drink Snob: the wine you drink clearly makes you more sophisticated. The price is an indication of the content and he level of refinement of the person drinking it.
  • Education Snob: the school you went to not only gave you better knowledge, connections and overall intellectual growth, it also made you a better human — a superior one.
  • Book Snob: the classics you read raised the bar of your intellect to such a level that you look down on the Cro-Magnons who cannot quote Plato.
  • Worship / Afterlife Snob: the brand of religion you chose makes you purer or more righteous and eventually holder of a better afterlife plan than most people.
  • Adrenaline Snob: You don’t understand why those wusses don’t all base jump, backyard wrestle or street luge on the week-end.

Which of those groups are you part of?