Who I am

I am a carbon-based lifeform living on a small blue planet with a solid surface, orbited by one moon, in a small solar system somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy, far off the center of the universe I am in.

I am a member of the Homo sapiens species in the great ape family, living in a Holocene Epoch of the Quaternary Period amongst a democratic society using tools as much as information.

I am taking part in a emotional/experience-sharing long term commitment with a parental component.

I was involved twice in a natural gene transfer process, resulting in two offspring who are naturally esthetically favored.

I exchange monetary gain against the process of strategically rearranging pixels on a light window that does not lead outside.

The activities that raise the Dopamine level in my brain are:

  1. exchanging acoustic waves with like-minded humanoid lifeforms
  2. transferring graphite particles on a flat sheet of dried wood paste to simulate a rearrange version of reality
  3. capturing light waves bouncing off solid masses for later remembrance
  4. using a manufactured polymer device to experience the low friction coefficient of particulated solid-form water.