Minor Superheroes, Part 3

Porky Pork
Has the power to smell like bacon.

Dr. Metamorpho
Can shrink his head by up to 1%.

Semi-Invisible Man
He is totally invisible, except for his skin and eyeballs…

Ant Master
Has the ability to communicate with senior gay ants.

The Fidgeter
Can fidget fast enough to create a small buzzing sound.

Mr. Anemia (also known as Edward the Biteless)
Has the ability to become paler and very fatigued on command.

The Amazing Caller
Can replicate the call of the slug, the Monarch butterfly and the centipede with an uncanny accuracy.

Bernard — The Human Gazelle
Bernard can run a full 3% faster than the average untrained human being and leap further by an astonishing 7%!

Mme Zelda, The ClairVoyeur
With her magical crystal ball, she can peek into any showers, providing they are empty.