A few observations about religions…

  1. Certain cults are called mythologies (like the Greek, Roman, Celtic, Aztec, etc) while some others (Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism) are called religions. Keep in mind that they all include magic, talking creatures and magical creatures.
  2. Zombies are ficticious, unless the central character of your religion is himself a zombie.
  3. Do religious people apply the same “open mindedness” or “faith” when it comes to UFO, unicorns or astrology? If they believe a talking donkey or miracles, then surely they can believe in UFO, unicorns or astrology.
  4. When a non-evangelical Christian reads The Bible and it sounds stupid, it’s a metaphor — if it sounds sensible (in their country, time and level of knowledge), then they can take it literally. For example, the creation in 6 days is often taken metaphorically, while “love thy neighbors” is not.
  5. Did you notice that beliefs from all over the world always suspiciously include elements from their own surroundings and own time?