When science goes wrong!

  1. Billy inadvertently created a black hole in the washing machine by mixing white and colored clothes.
  2. Joan spliced her genes by wearing her spliced jeans wayyyyy too tight.
  3. Robert’s army of monkey men are not going to help him conquer the world. He spent all his money buying them diapers…
  4. Maggie tripped over a crease in the space-time continuum.
  5. Bob caught his mutant robot humping his dad’s truck.
  6. Martin put 2 alarm clocks face to face with a time difference of 1 second, which allowed him to travel back in time. Unfortunately, he only went back in time 1 second.
  7. Becca cloned herself but sneezed during the procedure. All her clones came out fuzzy.
  8. John, an alchemy student, transmutated something into gold. His wife will surely be impressed by the golden rod in his shorts.
  9. The team was able to miniaturize a cell phone the size of a grain of salt. Unfortunetely, Professor Matthews coughed.
  10. Bill successfully achieved partial invisibility of his body. He is now working on making his left side invisible.