Am I spiritual?

I don’t believe in the supernatural.
I don’t believe in any gods or any other magical creatures.
I don’t believe in aura, chakras, rebirthing or astral trips.
I don’t believe in astrology, homeopathy or prophecy.

I believe we are all connected though our elements, genetic make up, evolution and our environment, even animals and plants.

I have a deep appreciation for the complexity, symmetries, randomness or the fractal aspect of the natural world.

I admire the immensity of knowledge I don’t yet possess.

I am aware of my place in the natural world, as part of an animal kingdom and that I share a common ancestor with monkeys.

I contemplate my physical limitations and know there is much I cannot perceive directly, such as all of the electromagnetic spectrum outside visible light.

I can feel being on top of a small ball in space when I look at a clear summer starry night sky.

Am I spiritual?