New Exciting Restaurants!

Nuts & Bolts
As the names suggests, the menu consist entirely of an assortment of nuts and bolts. Customers can choose between the finest cashews, hazelnuts, almonds and pecans, as well as carriage, stove, lag and hanger bolts. As we all know, nuts are a great source of protein while bolts are a top-notch source of iron. You can top it off with a selection of fine sauces if you find the bolts too dry.

The DYOF (Do Your Own Food)
In this trendy concept-restaurant, you grow your own food (plant, harvest, prepare, cook and serve), prepare your own meat from scratch (raise your own cattle, slaughter it, prepare it, then cook it). The restaurant provides the power tools and napkins.

Cousteau’s Delight
At this new and exciting restaurant, you eat in a large fish tank. The salt water tends to change the taste of what you eat, which makes for interesting surprises. Although eating and breathing is tricky at first, you’ll find the near-drowning sensation very invigorating. Avoid ordering crackers.