Does it bother you?

If you’re Christian, does it bother you that according to the actual word of God:

  • You must stone your kids if they don’t listen to you (Deuteronomy 21:18-21)?
  • You must stone all Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and everybody who doesn’t worship the same god as you — including babies ((Deuteronomy 17:2-5))?
  • You must stone everybody that is blaspheming — that surely includes most interjections and swear words we commonly use (Leviticus 24:16)?
  • You must stone everybody on Saturday — including all Wal-Mart employees (Numbers 15:32-56)

Does it bother you that the Bible is so unclear and contradictory as to needs so much justification, interpretation, and extrapolation — yet it’s supposed to have been written or at least inspired by the actual creator of the whole universe?

Does it bother you that the Bible describes things and a world like nothing nobody you know have ever experienced and totally different and contrary to what we can observe and measure?

  • The Bible presents a cosmological view that is totally at odd with what we can observe with our telescope — starts that can point to a single house, sun that can fall, metal firmament resting on pillars, water that falls trough windows in the sky, flat earth, an Earth that is only about 6000 years old, etc?
  • The Bible is full of magic, exorcisms, zombies, talking animals and people who live more than 900 years long?
  • The Bible present global events, such as a worldwide flood, where no trace can be found.
  • The Bible presents a chronology totally different from what we can observe with radiometric dating and geological processes.

Does it bother you that the Bible is full of recorded dialogues that was impossible to record, such as what Adam said to Eve, what was said after a character dies, what Balaam’s donkey said or what the Devil said to God when betting on Job?

Does it bother you that Paul, who wrote half of the New Testament, said immensely important things (stop observing God’s law) in direct contradiction with Jesus (who is supposed to actually be part of God himself). Yet you believe and follow Paul!

 If all none of those things bother you, then why not?