How does prayer work?

In Matthew 21:21-22, Jesus tells  “And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” without terms, conditions or any limitations”. I assume he was telling the truth, so… let’s pray!

Are all prayers processed simultaneously or are they put into a prayer buffer, ready to be answered on a first pray first served basis?

Does it increase the odds of a positive action if you pray to your own god, as opposed to another god?

Can I see an prayer efficiency chart to see what god, kind of prayer, time of day, location, exact wording and intentions have the most chances of being met with positive results?

Doe sit make a difference if you’re Christian and pray for Jesus, Holy Spirit, of God?

Do you increase the odds if you pray to all 3?

Is there a terms & condition I can see that shapes the modalities of prayers? Can I pray and receive money, health, fame, love, growth in various places, less hair, or world domination?

Does me prayer need to be in accordance with God’s plan for it to work?

Can I have a copy of God’s plan, to make sure I don,t waste my time paying for things I can’t get?

Can you differentiate between random occurrences and occasional positive results due to prayers?

Can you tell if the positive results are form your own prayer or from someone else praying for you?

Do you maximize the prayer power with a group of people all praying for the same thing?

Does it really mess things up when you have a random weird thought slap bang in the middle of a sincere prayer?