How to throw a great pillow fight

Here are a few pointers to maximize your pillow fight experience:

First off, let’s be clear: no bricks, stones or broken glass in the pillow cases. Liquids are also frowned upon in the competitive pillow fight circles. Feathers or soft foam is preferable, but memory foam might be too hard for a fun and jovial session.

Use regular size pillows, not the oversized novelty giant pillow that can fit a pick-up truck.

Swinging Speed
Pillow swinging should be done by hands. Using a catapult or a high-speed cannon to throw the pillows is both unethical and potentially dangerous. It’s also quite unorthodox to hire members or the Olympic Hammer Throw.

You should not target nose, glasses or groin on purpose, except when wearing an inflatable sumo suit and a football helmet.

Coating your feather-filled pillow with concrete will NOT help you make friends. They will definitively not invite you for their next pillow fight.

Participant should smile, laugh and try to have a good time. Do not invite your mortal enemies or members of the Violent Psychopaths League.