Lesser-know medical conditions

Triviality Exhibitionism
Condition in which  person has a urgent need to share every mundane detail of his or her life with the entire world via Facebook or Twitter, such as their exact time of arrival to their house, the content of their breakfast or details of the phone conversations. Victims of this conditions frequently suffer from Chain-Letter Syndrome and Semi-humorous Email LOL Reposting.

SMBC (Slow morning brain condition)
Affliction characterized by a brain that is exceedingly slow to start in the morning. Possible cure: headphones with nighttime stimulus such as quantic mechanic lectures, advance thermodynamic calculus or differential equations applied to gardening.

SAC (Self-awareness Challenged)
Disability resulting in the lack of self-awareness expressed in poor clothing choices, audible flatulence, below average personal hygiene, and less than intelligent remarks.