InfoLife (formerly Internet 3.0)

The new Internet should be immersive in the true sense. It should merge information with our physical world to help us make better choices. RFID and immersive games are 2 of the applications of that but the InfoLife will go far beyond.

Example of applications will be:
Driving-Assistant: Overlay of Google-map type of information on your windshield to give directions based on real-time traffic, road closures, points of interests, etc. It would display arrows directly on the street to guide your drive and would point to the location you are looking for.
deliciouslyquitky ActiveWindshield
Consumer products: Mix of secure RFID and related internet information, to display related products info, recent warnings or recalls, recipes, assembly instruction, comparison charts, etc.
Security: XRay glasses with nighvision and multi-spectral CCDs coupled with face-recognition software and linked to criminal database as well as context-sensitive feeds from various blogs, will help security personals identity treats in a crowd.

Those are just a few applications of what the proper use of information can do for us.