The problems with Teleportation

First, there is the slight problem of computer power, which is required to map, store and transfer the entire atomic structure of the body fast enough to capture an instant picture of 1,800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 electrons going at 2,200 kilometers per second.

Second, there is the logistical problem. How do you make sure you don’t reappear in a huge rock, in the middle of the ocean or in someone else? You would need to know the exact layout of your target location. What is a bee or a leaf flies in between the snapshot of the target location and the structural transfer? What would forbide several people to materialize in the exact same spot at the same time? Could you schedule your materialization for next week, and stay in limbo on a hard drive until then?

Third, there is the legal/privacy problem. How do you avoid someone to teleport in someone’s shower, or bank vault?

Forth, there is the data integrity problem. How do you make sure that the source and target are the same person, even if the atomic structure is the same? Would you have to go through a series of test each time to make sure that your memories, behaviour and thoughts are the same as before the transfer? What if they are not the same? Would you keep a copy (backup) of yourself for security purpose? If we can do that, it means we can use the Teleporter as a human photocopier… We could create an entire army of ourself. We could send multiple copies of ourself to different locations. Even if official Teleportation Zones would be programmed to not make multiple copies, the black market versions could have overrides…