Marketing Claims

  1. “This beer is so cold you’ll loose most of your fingers from hypothermia just by holding the can!”.
  2. “This rejuvenation face cream will make you look like a newborn in just 3 weeks”.
  3. “Our new hybrid sedan is so efficient, it spews gasoline instead of consuming it!”
  4. “Our new SUV is so spacious, you and your extended family can live in it for years, like most of our consumers do!”
  5. “Our interest rate is so low, we’re paying you load of money a week to buy our crap!”
  6. “No payment, no interest, no hidden fees, no restocking fee and no administrative fee for 120 years!”
  7. “No payment, no interest for 1 year. Only an easy-breezy 257% convenience fee applies!”
  8. “Our new Lazer Mach 17 DuoCore Stealth Pro Magnum Razor is so fast it will leave you deaf from the afterburner sound!
  9. “You’ll look so good in your new Armani suit that hordes of itchy toothless homeless women will want to snuggle up with you!”
  10. “This manly perfume will totally change your lifestyle, bring supermodels and that huge promotion to you, but will leave you impotent.”