Are you seriously religious?

If so, you have to believe in magic. The 3 Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are filled with magical acts and magical creatures. How does the belief in magic affect your daily life?

  1. Do you invoke angels for assistance when you have a tight deadline or a lack of resources at work?
  2. Do you pray and get divine intervention right away, every time?
  3. Do you rely on magic instead of calculations to accomplish your job?
  4. Do you refrain yourself from getting a life insurance policy, because you know you only have to ask God and you shall receive? If so, did you also quit your job?
  5. If you are a Calvinist (believe in pre-determination — that everything is God’s will), did you stop working when you realized that whatever you do; it’s God’s plan for you?
  6. Do you go to the zoo expecting some animals to talk, like in the Bible?
  7. Do you do something to protect yourself against the Evil Eye?
  8. Did you buy a convertible car so you don’t bash your head against the roof when the Rapture comes?