Scary Fighter Names

It is common for fighters to use a nickname. Usually, it’s something macho and aggressive such as “The Beast”, “The Destroyer” or “Tank”. Here are a few suggestions for scarier names for guys in tight speedos grappling and sweating in 69:

  1. John “Sweaty Blob” Stevenson
  2. Allan “Fart Machine” Mendoza
  3. Max “The Groper” Davison
  4. François “Erected Perv” Cassis
  5. Frank “Stink Bomb” Klein
  6. Vladimir “3 Balls” Rudensky
  7. Hikoshi “The Vomiter” Matasho
  8. Romeo “Ex-lax” O’Neil
  9. Lance “The Impaler” Smith (formerly known as “Backdoor Surprise”)
  10. Rodrigo “14 inch Snake” Patcheti