Specialized Zoology Careers

Insect and Invertebrate Psychologist
When your ant colony starts to behave erratically or when your grubs seem depressed, it’s time to call the Insect and Invertebrate Psychologist. Your insects will resume their tasks orderly and your invertebrates will crawl happily again with what will seem to be a tiny smile, guaranteed or your money back!

Insect Taxidermist
Your favorite flea died and you want to preserve it in all its glory? The Insect Taxidermist can help. You will be able to proudly display your beloved flea on your mantle piece for years to come.

Pet Tattoo Artist
Want your Poodle to look more effeminate with a rose on its butt? Wish your hamster would look meaner with a barbwire on its tiny biceps? Wait no more! You can now give your pet the gift of ink!

Larva Fashion Designer
It’s not because you’re half an inch long and live underground that you have to look frumpy! Those adorable larvae can now accessorize like a socialite!