The tricky afterlife concept

Do you realize that the better you are at earning heaven, the closer you are to hell?

By choosing one religion and working hard or believing the right things, you just bought yourself tickets to all the other hells?

By choosing Christianity, you don’t follow the Torah (even if you are supposed to believe the whole book, which does include the Torah) so you go to hell. You also don’t follow the precepts included in the Quran, which sends you straight to Muslim hell. Sadly, it also means you might not even attain the first level of Mormon heaven.

One solution would be to act and believe everything, even things that are mutually exclusive. But a deity can probably know if you are faking it.

Another solution is to clone yourself and all have the same name and clothes. You have each one of you believe in a different religion. It is also crucial that you all die at the same time. One of you is bound to get it right so all of you can get a free pass to eternity in bliss. May religions talks about your name being in the Book of Heaven, so when they call you, you all stand up.

A third solution is to create your own afterlife. Don’t worry, yours is at least as plausible as all the other ones.