Humans 0.2 Beta

I am certain that humans have been designed the same way companies develop products:

Some useful features not included because they came too late.

Some obvious design flaws in the external reproductive system were rubberstamped because the team couldn’t meet their deadline and they had to rush approval.

Some useless parts were also added only because the mother-in-law of the head of the internal organs department wouldn’t leave them alone.

Some parts (now called vestigial) are the result of a bad copy and paste job.

The team released Human 0.2 Beta, thinking they would fix it later. Then, funding was cut and Human 0.2 Beta became the official release.

No updates were issued because no one planned an update platform to distribute the fixes.

Sales sold the project to the client as a product which would be perfect, without requiring improvements.

Management let go of the tech support team in early alpha phase.

Marketing created religions to promote the idea that their products was perfect.