The Truth About Lies

You have been lied to since you were born. You are lied to everyday. You are lying to yourself frequently.

Lies, deceptions, misinformation, disinformation, exagerations, generalisations, unfounded claims, errors and mistakes.

Your parents lied to you since you were born — sometimes to protect you, sometimes because they didn’t want to take the time to explain what they thought was the real explanation, sometimes because they didn’t know how to explain it and sometimes they made up an explanation because they didn’t know the real explanation.

You grow up and people lie to you everyday. Make-up can be a form of deception, by changing your physical appearance and looking younger. Heels and lift make you look taller. Botox and cosmetic surgery alter your appearance to make you look younger and smoother. You ask people how they are and most of the time, they answer: “fine!”. They don’t want to get into that argument they had over breakfast, or the colonoscopy pain they still have.

You are exposed to hundreds of lies a day in the form of advertising on TV, radio, internet, newspaper, magazines, billboards everywhere.

You lie to protect yourself and others,  to not take the time to go into details, to cover up a mistake, to appear better than you are, and for many other reasons.

Still, people expect us to tell the truth. Which one?