Things NOT to think about in sports

“I can really drown if I swallow water a couple of times!”

“Look at the size of that guy! This is going to hurt so much. Every punch will make me dizzier and closer to crying.”

Figure Skating
“Oh no, here comes the spin again… really should NOT have eaten that large pizza… I’ll make a vomit ring on the ice like last week.”

“I can feel the burger coming up. Every step on that pavement makes it go higher, and higher…”

Ski Jumping
“That’s sooooo high! My knees are going to bust when I land…”

“I’ll those beans and cabbage right before the match. What was I thinking?”

“Oh my god, one bump and I’ll loose my face!”

Pole Vaulting
“Even if I clear the bar, I can really get impaled on that pole”

Car Racing
“This car will my tomb… This car will my tomb…”

Weight Lifting
“Wow, That’s huge! I bet I’ll snap my elbows right off.”