What do they really mean?

1) Your neighbor says:
— How you doin’?

That innocent-sounding question reveals a deep interest in your life. You have the moral obligation of telling your neighbor a detailed point by point update of what is going on in your life since last time he asked you that question.

Start by financial, health, career, family dynamics, then go to fears, joys, deceptions and contemplative states you were in. Then you can go deeper in the report.

2) You sneeze and the stranger on the bus says:
— God bless you!

What kind of blessing does he wish upon you?
How will he track the results?
Does he have the power to appeal to a divine entity directly?
If he has the power to bestow blessings upon you, does he have the power to curse you as well?
What other powers does he possess?

3) You colleague tells you he had not been sick this year, then he adds, while touching wood:

— Touch wood!

Does the type of wood make a difference?
Does it matter if you touch wood with one finger, a full hand or if you lie down naked on a wooden desk every time you say that magical sentence?
If you touch plastic instead, will you have bad luck?
Are there any double-blind studies on the benefits of touching wood?