What reality do you live in?

Here are a few questions to help define what reality you live in. This is useful before starting a debate on human evolution, cosmology, history, religion, science, etc.

  1. Do you believe the answers to everything are contained in a single book, written at least 2000 years ago?
  2. Do you believe the Earth was formed less than 6000 years ago?
  3. Do you believe in the laws of physics (gravity, electromagnetism, etc)?
  4. Do you believe certain entities defy laws of physics?
  5. Do you accept strange things and concepts because someone told you so, without seeking explanation or second opinions?
  6. Do you believe in angels, giants, gosts, unicorns, leprecauns, hobbits, gnomes, etc
  7. Do you consider science and scientists test their hypothesis and arrive at conclusion based on evidence, as impartially as possible?
  8. Do you consider science and scientists are anti-God, liars, or evil?
  9. Are you convinced you’ll spend 12 trillions years at least in paradise because you fulfilled 1 of the 8 conditions cited in the Bible (accepting Jesus as your savior)?
  10. Do you believe everybody that doesn’t believe in the same god as you do, or use a different version of the book, or believe in a slightly different version of your religion will burn on hell forever?

If you answer yes to those questions, then any rational discussion with someone outside your group is very difficult.