A story about a puppy

A man bought a puppy.
He told it not to touch his cupcake.
The puppy did not obey.
So the man hurt the puppy.
The man will also hurt his puppy’s puppies and all the generations that will come from it. He will do this forever.

Do you think it’s fair?
Do you think it’s just?
Do you think it’s deserved?

  1. Will the endless pain of the puppies solve the obedience problem of the first puppy?
  2. Was the puppy aware that by disobeying one simple command, it would have all its descendant hurt, forever?
  3. Was the consequence explained to the puppy?
  4. Was the puppy capable of understanding the concept of consequence, pain or eternity?

That, my friends, is the biblical concept of the Fall of Man.

Does it make any sense to you?