New Horrible Summer Camps

Lifeskills Camp for 5-8yr

Want your kids to learn how to deal with the real world? Here is your chance! They will learn valuable skills in a fun environment:

  • Coping with personal failure
  • How to deal with hookers
  • How to reduce your debt by selling your organs
  • How to reconstruct your life after a rotten childhood
  • Learning which hard drug to do to avoid permanent damage
  • 13 ways to get out of paying rent

Jungle Fun for 8-12yr

In this 12 week camp, your children will learn jungle-based character-building skills like:

  • How to survive in the jungle on your their own for 11 weeks
  • Knowing your poisonous mushrooms
  • How to escape blood-thirsty predators at night
  • Yummy insects 101
  • How to fight off cannibal tribes
  • How to cook a cannibal

Rage in the Cage Day camp

Let your kids learn the secret of a clean knock-out while they are young through a series of half-day workshops:

  • The magic of the groin kick
  • Headbuts are fun
  • Make your friends pass out from chokes
  • The art of going bezerk
  • Illegal mmoves are winning moves