Mental filters

We say imagination is boundless, but is it really? We all impose, voluntarily or not, limits and biases on our thoughts. Those limitations can include:

  1. your basic assumptions (people are good, magic does exist, anything is possible, there is an invisible realm, we are all connected, etc)
  2. the amount of knowledge you have
  3. your ability to interpolate and extrapolate
  4. your idea of what reality is
  5. what you consider possible or impossible
  6. your cultural frame of reference
  7. your mental taboos — what you don’t allow yourself to think; things too awful to even think of
  8. your ability to create links between elements
  9. the state of your memory (your mental storage capacity as well as the efficiency of your data retrieval process)
  10. your willingness to explore new concepts

What guidelines, limits, assumptions or framework does your mind operate on?