How to create a new alternative therapy

  1. Pick a vague, unquantifiable state that everybody experiences once in a while, like a lack of energy or a higher level of stress. You can also pick something people strive for, like balance. Make sure the symptoms are subjective to how the person feels that day and their ever changing environment.
  2. Pick a therapy that sounds like it could heal, based on something your potential customers already believe in, like energy, chakras, crystals, angels, detoxification or visualization. You can combine several concepts together. An explanation on the mechanism of the healing technique is never required; you’ll never have to explain how it works.
  3. Never discuss active ingredients as the therapies can work in mysterious ways. If your products uses extremely high dissolution, modern electronic instruments might be too blunt to measure traces of it. Don’t worry about proving how it work; just says it does because people tell you it does.
  4. Never give a specific timeframe for the therapy to  work. Remember, a good placebo treatment can take time to show some effect.
  5. Never quantify the benefits with testable claims, like “it will enable you to run 3.5 times faster”, “work 36 hours straight without fatigue” or “will remove 75% of pre-cancerous cells”.
  6. List other benefits of the therapy. The longer the list of benefits, the wide the net you cast to catch potential customers.
  7. Use proper vocabulary to convey an impression of knowledge. Use words like holistic, transcending, cleansing or detoxification.
  8. You can mix physical healing techniques with spiritual, animal or even divination techniques, as your clientele will not be suspicious of that reality boundary-crossing.
  9. Start a certification program; it will add credibility to your products or techniques.
  10. Once you have momentum, start a whole school (even if the school in question is in your 2-bedroom apartment) to add even more credibility.
  11. Create week-end retreats. This will generate important volume of cash-flow for your business. It will also provide customers for any of your other products or techniques.
  12. Collects testimonials. Those are crucial and will serve as results, as no double-blind studies will be made on “Angel Crystal Past-Life Regression Therapy”. Ever. Don’t worry, testimonials can have fake names, edited content, inflated results as no one ever check on them. You can make up your own as everybody does. Don’t worry if most people don’t experience any positive or negative effects. Base your repeat business on people who happened to feel better in the same timeframe as when they were following your therapy. Those will count as positives for you.