The WitnessCube

This motion-activated device records multispectral (visible, infrared, ultraviolet & microwave wavelenghts) images on its 6 faces, along with ambiant sounds, smells, temperature, and any other variables needed. It will be used in a wide wariety of applications such as:

security: Can record and flag visible and invisible events, daytime, nighttime or any poor visibility in airport, stadiums, warehouses, etc.
scientific: Thousands of WitnessCubes could be placed outside to monitor climate change, iceshelves movements and Rain Forest status
entertainment: The ultimate webcam. Can recreate the visual, audio and olfactive of a remote environment.


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Smart Roads

Smart Roads would help drivers in several ways.

1) Heated Pavement would melt the snow and ice, thus reducing the risks and saving millions of dollars each year in snow removal and salting.
2) Phosporescent Pavement would help see the road at night and in fog.
3) Embedded sensors would detect congestion as well as stopped vehicules. A vehicule that is stopped for some time would tragger a response from cameras and emergency crews.