The scientific method and the supernatural

Are magical spells, psychic abilities, telepathy or telekinetic abilities real?

Although we see those things in books and movies, or hear stories about them, we have no credible evidence that any of those things are real.

No psychic was ever able to collect the 1 millions dollar prize from James Randi ( by proving real psychic abilities or demonstrated it in controlled conditions. Ever.

Evidences are important and are the foundation of what we call reality.

The scientific method is comprised of the following steps:

1. Define the question
2. Gather information and resources (observe)
3. Form hypothesis
4. Perform experiment and collect data
5. Analyze data
6. Interpret data and draw conclusions that serve as a starting point for new hypothesis
7. Publish results
8. Retest (frequently done by other scientists)

For example, I can say that telepathy exists. Then, I can ask 20 self-proclaimed masters of telepathy to come in my lab. In this controlled environment, behind opaque dividers, I ask each one of them to tell me the word I just read. I compile the results and notice that none of the results are positive. I repeat that test 100 times with the same results. I then conclude that the test shows that those self-proclaimed masters of telepathy cannot do what they claim to do. I then publish my findings in a scientific magazine, where other scientists can analyze my method and my data, as well as reproduce my experiment.

If I had based my opinion on 1 or 2 positive anecdotes, without knowing the conditions of the telepathic readings, the clues the person gave to the psychic prior to the reading, the level of accuracy of the answers, the number of wrong answer that lead to the correct answer, I might think telepathy is real.

Whenever you wonder if something is real, dig deeper.

The Office Circus

Hilda & Olga
Beauty Pageant Finalist & Contortionist Siamese Twins

Mr. Amazing

Hivanoe Brothers
Flying Trapeze Artists

Ivan the Giant

Imeldana The Nubian Princess
Expert Master Psychic Level 3
Accounting & Financial Planning

127 Umpalumpas
Jungle Lilliputians previously employed by Willy Wonka
Data Entry

Dr. Mysterio
All-around mysterious character that hides behind a curtain

Believable Jobs

If you believe in miracles, invisible or mythical creatures (such as angels, demons, ghosts, etc) or magic, the following jobs are actually believable:

Unicorn Wrangler

They do pack a punch in that little magical body! Leave it to professionals to tame the unicorn you got for Christmas!

Ectoplasm Janitor

These things do leave a mess

Divine Assurance Adjuster

The “ask and you shall receive” is just the beginning. With so many loopholes, hidden clauses and secret exemptions, this professional come in handy when you have a complaint about a prayer that went wrong.

Gnome Psychologist

These little guys have problems too, you know.

Chimera Veterinarian

With such a complex anatomy resulting of their double-DNA, they cannot be trusted to your run-of-the-mill cryptozoovet.

Asgard Real Estate Agent

Asgard is a big crowded place with some premium lots left. Ask your local Asgard real estate agent for a condo near Thor’s Garden and you won’t be disappointed!

Ghost Psychotherapist

Scaring people can get hard on the moral, even for invisible hosts.

Wizard Personel Agency

You have all those powers, but no job where you can fulfill your magical dream? Search no more!

Dragon Groomer

Even those beasts need a pedicure once in a while and those scales don’t polish themselves mister!

New Rides at the Amusement Parks

  • The Skull Crusher
  • The Impaler
  • The Bowel Shaker
  • The Regurgitater (previously called the Vominator)
  • The Diaper Experience
  • Barfie 2
  • Odd Puddle
  • The Projectile Lunch
  • The Widow Maker 4
  • The Blender of Doom
  • Fun Trap of Death
  • Izzie Dizzy
  • Ad Nausea
  • Chunky Soup Mansion